Welcome to my Website!

This is Vapor World, my little passion project. I always wished I was around for web 1.0, but I was born too late for that, so this is the closest I'll ever get.

My name is Michael. I'm a 19 year old guy from the United States. My interests include:

This site is still a work in progress, so it's very bare bones for now. I'm new to HTML and all this stuff so I still need to figure it all out, but I'm doing my best lol.

You can contact me at Xexsera#4893 on discord. (Even though I REALLY hate discord, it's what I'm using for now. Plan on finding an alternative sometime in the future, and when I do I'll update this accordingly.) I'm open to meeting new friends, getting advice on how to make my site better, anything. So just add me then shoot me a dm if you ever wanna chat!